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EAGO Shower Pods

EAGO specialise in a range of top quality shower pods.
As a completely sealed unit, with coloured glass panels, they carry a whirlpool of benefits!

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 Shower Pods - The Principal

Shower pods bring an end to age-old problems with conventional shower enclosures.
The main purpose for the shower pod concept is to solve the problem of damage caused by water leakage. This tends to happen where a shower tray meets the tiles or where a failure in grout lines occur- leading water to flow freely and often damage ceilings below. If we can stop the water before it even reaches the tiles or floorboards, then problem solved!
That's why an EAGO shower pod is just that - a pod, they are completely enclosed units that do not attach to your walls in any place other than through pipes or cables. With coloured back glass, they just slide into place and the only place water can run is down the waterproof panels and down the waste pipe. The back glass also means you don't need to worry what's behind the unit, so don't waste money on expensive tiles behind your shower - no-one will see. Being a freestanding unit, if there ever comes a time where maintenance is needed, or even a simple pipe clean, the units can be just be pulled out away from the wall to allow access for whatever needs to be done - a little easier than ripping off tiles to access a wall mounted shower unit.